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Why private

Private tutoring gives the tutor an opportunity to individually train the student for success in the needed sphere of knowledge by implementing a plan tailored to the student's specific needs.

One on one tutoring gives the tutor a chance to get to know the student and to pinpoint the area where they are struggling in their studies. Where in-class training provides a necessary broad picture of the subject, private tutoring can be tailored to suit each student individually in order to maximize their success in the field of their choice.

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and secure

We know it can be embarrassing to be behind in your studies so we have a lips-sealed policy. Even if we are also tutoring your best friend, you may rest assured that they will never know! Our tutors are bound by a strict privacy policy that must be signed by them upon hiring.

Our tutors will come straight to your home, or another meeting place of your choice, in order to tutor you privately and discreetly. Payment will be taken at the time of the session and can be made in cash or credit only. Once payment is received, a receipt will be given to you in return for tax purposes.

Fast, easy
and affordable

A. Hiring one of our tutors can be a very fast process. Our policy is to try to get you a qualified tutor as soon as you say ready!

B. Several different avenues of contacting us can be used. Just go to our Contact Us page to see how to begin!

C. Our prices for tutoring are very competitive. We try to keep the overhead costs small so that quality education can be obtained by nearly anyone.