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About us

A few words about us


We are a locally owned and operated tutoring service that serves the triangle area of North Carolina. 

At A+ Technical Tutoring and More we take tutoring seriously. We hire no-nonsense teachers who are carefully selected for their knowledge of their chosen specialty, as well as for their teaching abilities and social communication skills. We also place a large amount of emphasis on hiring people who we feel have strong moral values because our customer's safety and achievement are important to us.

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What kind of people we hire

Local tutors are our target employees so that we can provide our customers with quick and easy access to the tutoring that they desperately need, when they need it the most. We like to hire people who care about whether their students learn or not. We are not interested in hiring "show offs," or people who believe that their job is to be condescending to others and pretend like they are superior because they happen to know more about this or that ultimately unimportant part of this world which is passing away. We know that anyone, given the right motivation and help, can become an engineer, scientist, or whatever they feel led to become so that they can help provide for their families and loved ones. We want our students to learn good values while they are patiently taught what they need to know to get their work done, and become what they are supposed to become. All humans are on a vitally important journey of learning, and our operator wants to do as much as possible to build both our students and employees up. If a customer feels that an instructor is not living up to these standards, then our operator wants to know so that he can make an impartial judgment on what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Reasons for tutoring

Whether you or your child feel swamped because of an abundance of schoolwork, or you are just totally confused because of a lack of quality explanations of the material, we are here to help! Our tutors specialize in figuring out where you or your child are lacking skill and quickly putting an end to your anxiety.

Our values

At A+ we value hard work and good education! We feel like these things, when combined with a positive attitude, good moral values, and the right amount of love in the right places, can help to earn anyone their dream career! Most importantly, our management knows that Jesus Christ is Lord, and strives to serve and glorify Him in all ways as commanded. As a result, we highly value the fruits of the Spirit which are "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." (Galatians 5:22 NIV Edited). God has a plan for you if you will only seek Him and accept His free gift. We want to help build you up into what you feel led by God to be! Read More

Why use us?

We specialize in the subjects that commonly cause the most trouble for students. The jobs of tomorrow, and today, are heading toward those who are technologically inclined. There is hope for anyone to be a part of the changing workforce for people who are willing to seek higher education in technical fields. We are prepared to help totally overwhelmed people, who have never felt like they could quite cut it in these tough subjects, to make it through the rigorous training they are required to have in various technical subjects at various levels.

Qualified Professional Teachers Welcome

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Our aims

Many people all over the world struggle particularly with math and other technical majors such as engineering or chemistry. We are here to put your worries to rest. 

At A+ Technical Tutoring we strive to make the what is seemingly impossible, a real possibility for our students. We train adults on down in mastering the level of studies they are currently in, as well as in how to prepare themselves to be ready to tackle the next level of their studies. We hope to teach you or your child to be a better student in general. It is common belief that if you can master a difficult technical subject, then you can master any subject taught at a given university.

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