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I developed a love of teaching after receiving my BS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University. Now my love for teaching math has turned into a job at Wake Technical Community College, and the pursuit of a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education. Though I enjoy working with electricity, I felt led to start this business instead of working in my field. From personal experience and social interactions, I determined that many people just get frustrated with these tough subjects and quit trying, when I know that with a little work and some professional help to figure out where they got lost, they are capable of doing whatever I can do or more. Once I began teaching, I quickly found that I was created with the gift of being an effective and caring teacher. I truly enjoy finding out where students are struggling and helping to build them up so that they can master college in whatever major they decide to take on. I look forward to working with you and helping to make you into whatever you want to be!

Randal Stepp, Operator

My relationship with Randal began with him as my tutor, but now he has become something of a mentor to me. He has helped me pass the classes I found most difficult throughout high school. He also helped me to achieve a good score on my SAT, and I was able to get into the college of my dreams which is NC State. Most importantly, he guided me in making the decision on my college major when I was having trouble deciding what was right for me. When he taught me I felt like he genuinely cared if I actually learned the material. If I did poorly on a test, I think it might have actually hurt him more than it hurt me sometimes. In the future, I plan on working as a tutor with A+ while attending NC State and working toward my Bio-Medical Engineering degree.

Yair, Student

I have earned a Bachelor's in Spanish from the University of Alabama with a 4.0 GPA and Master's in Foreign Language Education (GPA 3.8). I have taught English and/or Spanish in Alabama and North Carolina secondary public schools for eight years, including two years at Harnett Central High School. In addition, from 2010-2015 I worked with Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) in its Lillington College and Career Readiness division, helping young students get a second chance to complete high school and advance to higher education or career choices through the GED or Adult High School programs. I also taught a few weeks in the Sanford CCCC basic computer skills class. It's exciting to see former students in public or on Facebook and hear of their subsequent successes. One of them told me, "You were the one who believed in me." Being a tutor for someone to relieve the frustration, and help a learner move forward, is very fulfilling.

Dottie Gravely, Tutor