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Student Opportunities

Interested in working your way through college while learning your way into an even stronger foundation in the technical field of your choice?

At A+ Technical Tutoring and More we value training our own tutors. We also hire top-notch technically minded students to tutor subjects below their current level of schooling. We typically would only hire a high school student to tutor at the 8th grade level or below, while we would consider a college student in a technical major to tutor high school students or below, and we are actively seeking degree holding graduate students or higher to tutor at the Bachelor's level of coursework or higher respectively. Tutoring is a great way for a student to earn money while pursuing a difficult technical degree. Universities will likely urge you not to work over 10 hours a week while pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree for example. Tutoring for us can give you that needed flexibility, as well as the opportunity to schedule your own sessions and still earn relatively high hourly pay for working a small amount of hours. We will work to help you find the students you need in order to make the amount of money you want, or need, to make while still in school.

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