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I developed a love of teaching after receiving my BS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University. Now my love for teaching math has turned into a job at Wake Technical Community College, and the pursuit of a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education. Though I enjoy working with electricity, I felt led to start this business instead of working in my field. From personal experience and social interactions, I determined that many people just get frustrated with these tough subjects and quit trying, when I know that with a little work and some professional help to figure out where they got lost, they are capable of doing whatever I can do or more. Once I began teaching, I quickly found that I was created with the gift of being an effective and caring teacher. I truly enjoy finding out where students are struggling and helping to build them up so that they can master college in whatever major they decide to take on. I look forward to working with you and helping to make you into whatever you want to be!

Randal Stepp, Operator